DIRECTOR | Charlie Minn

 PRODUCER | Charlie Minn

CAMERA | Donnie Laffoday

EDITOR | Yota Matsuo

MUSIC | Kyle Hildenbrand

DESIGN | Donnie Laffoday





Carmen Capo

 Patience Carter

Norman Casiano

Steven Fernandez

Aramy Fontanez

Chris Hansen

Joshua Lagos

Christine Leinonen

Chris Littlestar

Adrian Lopez

Scott Maxwell

Jim McDermott

Javier Nava

Tiara Parker

Laly Santiago-Leon

Patti Sheehan

Orlando Torres


Charlie Minn has sold films to Lions Gate, Investigation Discovery, Aljazeera and Cine Latino.

He has worked for America’s Most Wanted and NBC’s Peacock Prods.

His work has been featured on CNN, Fox News Channel, and Lifetime television.

His films can also be seen on Amazon Video.